August 31, 2018

The perception of colors is personal, seasonal and very emotional. With various combinations and shades of colors in clothes, we are able to react to season changes. As the leaves turn from green to yellow and red, warm colors feel natural, whereas crispy and cool winter days invite for fresh and cold colors. Each colour offers a lot of inspiration and there is a sheer endless amount of variations by varying and combining colour shades and tones.

Here is our colour palette for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons for you to enjoy and get inspired!

Marine Blue

Classy dark blue is a safe choice for the days when inspiration is low. It always fits and is a safe choice for corporative looks. The soft organic merino wool knit “Scale” captures the deepness and profoundness of Marine Blue. To make the undecided days a little lighter yet elegant, we combined Marine Blue with Cameo Pink in the “Beacon” and “Trace” dresses. The same dark blue structures the otherwise melange grey trousers and jackets, emphasising its design details in the “Bridge” and “Shore” dresses and skirts. Marine Blue is introduced to the collection as a color to dive into, or to just have a hint of.  



Horizon Blue

This light blue is fresh like a glistering sparkle in autumn. It is at its best during those first winter days, when the first snow is in the air and everything turns crispy. To keep the coolness subtle, combine Horizon Blue with warm colors such as beige or tones of red. We fell in love with combining Horizon Blue with a dark, Alpine Green, a combination that perfectly reflects the feeling of late autumn. You can find this color combination in the “Trace” and “Beacon” dresses.



Alpine and Melange Green

Dark Alpine Green is very elegant, almost arrogantly royal. It is the color of forest tableaus and has a very calming effect. The hint of blue in Alpine green leaves the color open and allows it to breathe. Playfulness and lightness comes along when it is matched with light pink or our fresh Horizon Blue. This royal yet earthy color is definitely the theme color of our “Lost Cargo” collection, we simply love it!


Cameo Pink

Cameo Pink is at the cool end of the light red family which makes it a good choice for those whose skin gets pale during the winter. Cameo Pink is a playful and fresh contender of the color game we play with the Lost Cargo collection. It is at its best in details such as jacket inlays or as ruffle shirt collars. Cameo Pink is the surprise color of the collection, always found in those details where you would least expect!


Coal Black and Dark Black

Next to Melange Grey, Coal Black, a softer variant of black, is the signature color of TAUKO. It can be considered black, yet is it not as deep and harsh. Its softness is its benefit. Contrastingly, Dark Black, the shade of black that is seen in the soft organic merino wool knits, the silky “Knot” and “Jetty” dresses and shirts, takes you to the similar depths as marine blue. It is elegant and sophisticated, but also punk and avantgarde when combined with bright colors and some glitter. Both of our shades of black offer the kind of blank surface that can either be filled with many other colors or left plain, minimal and blank.


Melange Grey

TAUKOs other signature color, Melange Grey has different shade fibres which makes it an almost living and breathing surface. Since it is much lighter than black, it feels softer when worn near pale winter skin of e.g. the face or arms. Melange Grey is an everyday-color that transforms into many different styles depending on the colors worn next to it: Combine it with black or Marine Blue to create a minimal corporate look or bring in a playful cheer with Cameo Pink.


Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Laura Oja

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