September 24, 2019

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One year ago Greta Thunberg started a climate school strike. She did not attend school on Fridays, but demonstrated in front of Swedish Parliament for immediate climate actions. Her message was clear: adults, in charge of political decisions making, need to take responsibility for the future of the environment. 

Now, one year later, the streets in Berlin, Sydney, Helsinki and New York, among many others, are filled with people showing their concern on climate and demanding quick actions, following the example of Thunberg.

From August 2018, when Thunberg started striking, many things have changed. We’ve received several research results showing that the time we have to act is far shorter than estimated and the actions we’ve taken are simply not enough. In fact, it could be that we’ve already reached the point of no turning back. What does that mean? The overload of the environment is already so big, in big parts the soil is used out and too poor to be able to store carbon dioxide, that finding sustainable ways of cultivating might not be enough anymore. 

We will need to take quick actions to be able to actually regenerate the environment. This means helping the soil, the sea and the whole ecosystem to restore the balance that has been severely distrubed. And we need to take actions now.

For TAUKO, it also not enough to be “just” sustainable. We really need to find ways, fast, to empower the environment with our work. This is an ongoing process, and for this Autumn we’ve decided on the first steps:

Communication: We will integrate the climate emergency into our communication with much deeper and profound level we have done before. We believe that making people more aware of what is happening around them, will make people change their behaviour. People are reasonable, after all.

Production: the process of TAUKO manufacture is based on re-purposed rental textiles. This means using old bed linen made for hotels and healthcare, as the raw material of the production. The bedlinen are dyed with ökö-text certified closed loop dyeing method. However we do not really know the effects of the dyeing method for our environment. We will need to find out.

Business development: During the past 10 years we gained a lot of knowledge that can be helpful for many others as well. We will collaborate and talk even more about the knowledge we’ve gained so that it can be facilitating other environmental projects.

End of life: we are reaching out to textile recycling companies to work with them to recycle the production waste as well as the out of use TAUKO garments.

Get together: During this autumn we will organise afterwork-events at the TAUKO studio to talk about the environment and fashion. The events are open to everyone and feature different themes every week.  



What do you think and feel about the climate action? Join the conversation by leaving us a comment.

Photo of Greta Thunberg from instagram account by @gretathunberg

All other photos by Laura Oja

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