toukokuu 18, 2019

Women wearing pants, wide and long, comfortable and luxurious. In the late 1920’s the trend was hitting the fashion world for the first time and was called “The Beach Pyjamas”.


After centuries of women's wear ruled by corsets and heavy multilayered dresses the female were offered the opportunity to dress differently. It took still quite a while to change the norms in dressing culture, but Beach Pyjamas were definitely change makers of their time.



Inspired by the Beach Pyjamas, voluminous Panel maxi pants and soft jersey tops are key pieces of the TAUKO’s Sand and Ideals collection for Summer 2019. Feeling the beach sand between our toes, the bold color blocked trousers were designed to bring a change for our time. Made from recycled local textiles, crafted by a family owned sewing company in Estonia, the voluminous pants have the possibility to transmit new ideals for fashion.


As for every item in the TAUKO collections, Panel maxi trousers are designed and manufactured with deep respect for the environment. Fashion is a powerful tool for changing cultural norms, social structures and economics.

Text: Mila Moisio