kesäkuu 27, 2019

TAUKO x GULLKRONA collection is a timeless and sustainably crafted collection for everyone, but also an initiative for introducing a holistic take on sustainability and circular fashion. What are all the different factors that are included in the process? How are the shares distributed among the different actors involved? We broke it down to numbers.




With sustainable fashion it is as much about the design as it is about the production process. Being extra careful with the details, making sure that all the necklines, hems and belt loops have the right texture and placement, becomes essential. The more minimal the design gets, the more care there needs to be in the details. The well made design guarantees that the products are used and loved for long.






The collection is made from 100% reused and leftover textiles. There are no new textiles involved in the process of manufacturing TAUKO x GULLKRONA collection. Resourcing the production materials from the distinct textile waste sources: dead stocks of Finnish knitting companies and sorting used textiles from the laundry and textiles services is very labor extensive and time consuming work. The hard work results in the reuse of high quality textiles, that would be burned or discarded to the landfills, if not applied in the production of TAUKO x GULLKRONA collection. 




It requires a trained eye and special skills to turn the old textiles into newly loved pieces. Most of the magic happens by two sewing companies located in Estonia. To show our appreciations each product tells exactly where it was made.

We consider ourselves lucky to have found the wonderful sewing companies in Estonia that we have already an established and long relation with. Working together with family owned small companies makes the production process enjoyable and safe.

Having long term planing and strategies for development together with our suppliers, we can guarantee the continuity of work for all the employees. Trust, honesty and openness are the mutual values that we cherish. 




Communication is one of the most important parts of TAUKO x GULLKRONA collection. Rather than "just" donating all the profits to the Baltic Sea Action Group, we have the urge to make people more aware of the impacts that textile industry has on the environment. We want to stress both the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea region, and the fact that many of the local species are in danger of extinction.

Designing and planing the visual materials for the communication, taking the photos and distributing the information is all part of marketing. On top, we wanted to tell, with each product, how and where they are made. Printed information on the product, cardboard hangtags and little care tags inside the products tell about the origin of the materials and where the products were made, how they should be treated for long lasting love and what should be done when no longer loved.

From these little pieces of information we are gathering the holistic story of what sustainable fashion is all about.





Sales are the rests, the millions of little thing, running costs, that do not fit to any other category. From quality check and pricing of the products to shop rents and customer service, this part covers all the actions that are needed to actually sell the products. And this is where it all aims for.

For us, personal customer service, listening and caring, so that everyone actually gets what they want and need, is at the core of the sales. For this we wish to create the best possible surroundings online and offline. The TAUKO x GULLKRONA collection is sold at the Gullkrona harbour boutique, TAUKO store, Helsinki and online at the TAUKO online store.





We are happy to pay our share of the Finnish VAT. 



The Baltic Sea Action Group works as a catalyst and a change maker. Brining together research groups, political decision making, businesses and what ever it takes, to have a significant work done for the Baltic Sea, has proven already as a holistic and far-sighted take on environmental issues.

The holistic and ambitious take on environment, that reaches out for new scientific, economical and cultural implications is something we want to support. TAUKOdesig Oy, as a company, will be committing more and more, to support the initiatives by the Baltic Sea Action Group during the autumn 2019. 




TAUKO x GULLKRONA is a true collaborative collection where both the designers of TAUKO and the new owners GULLKRONA have given all their knowledge and own workforce for the project. The silent knowledge and countless working hours do not show in any charts, yet they become an essential part of making the collection. This project has been widely supported and we are very thankful for it.

Read more about the collaboration here.




In fashion, there is normally a factor of 2.4 for retail. This means that the price of the product, counting together the all the production costs and the share of the brand, is multiplied with 2.4. As all the TAUKO x GULLKRONA products are sold directly to the consumer, we have been able to take out the share of the middleman. 


The collection has the summer essentials for women, men and children. It is available at the TAUKO store and online until end of August 2019. 



Rahkasammal T-shirt, in sunshine yellow, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, sailor blue, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, soft grey, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, white, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sunshine yellow, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, broken white, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sailor blue, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, soft grey, sizes XS-XL


FOR KIDS, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, soft grey, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, in sunshine yellow, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, white, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sunshine yellow, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, broken white,  sizes 110/116 and 134/140



Vimpa hat, sunshine yellow, sizes 52-56

Maneetti hat, white, sizes 54-58

Rahkasammal bag


Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Laura Oja

Graphics: Dörte de Jesus