elokuu 07, 2020


A big woollen sweater I inherited from my fathers’ closet was a starting point for the research we did for the new Autumn Winter 2020 collection. I’ve heard stories how the sweater had been worn during freezing winter nights in the woods, and my own childhood memories connected it with the fireplace in the garden, feeling the slightly itchy wool on my cheek when falling asleep having the sweater as my blanket.

horizon cardigan

The sweater, as all the most precious clothes I have, carry strong emotional memories, which are related to the tangible feeling, smells and atmosphere of different places, people and times. Much more than the looks, clothes transmit layered meanings between me and the outer world. These feelings took us to the journey of the “Touch”.

feel dress detail

The Autumn Winter 2020 collection reflects the subject of Touch by revealing the intimate and emotional connection we have for fashion and clothing. The tangible feel of cloth on the skin and the way fashion creates layered meanings was the driving force for the collection — a topic that celebrates the power of fashion. 

hug cape

In this dialog of “touch”, touching is described as a gentle approach towards another being. It sets the limits between ourselves and the other. For philosophers such as Luce Irigaray or Judith Butler, touch is also a question of ethics. How can we approach another being with openness and experience the difference we encounter? 


With fashion, a touch makes us feel the softness, hardness, stiffness, looseness or pressing of the garments we wear. Leaving little marks on the skin or a memory of the touch, clothes effortlessly become part of our social interaction whilst being very intimate and personal. As a second skin, clothing separates us and the outer world. The great potential of fashion lies in this in-between stage: to shape and realise the individual connection with the outside.


With every purchase we give a small gift to our clients: The “Touch” lookbook that tells about the collection with a delegate and intimate imaginary created in an old laundry house near Berlin, Germany.



Text: Mila Moisio

Images: Laura Oja