heinäkuu 16, 2018

Big part of TAUKO production is in Estonia, which means that we take a ferry and travel to Tallinn frequently. There are endless amount of hours, early mornings, sitting with a cup of coffee and waiting for the ferry to leave. Little by little these endless hours have gathered into a fantastic source of inspiration: photos, sketches and research about commercial cargo ports.

For the Autumn and Winter 2018 season this material is turned into a design language of the new TAUKO collection, Lost cargo.

We invited fashion and textile designer Anna-Mari Leppisaari to design part of the collection. The knitted pattern is inspired by the stacked colorful containers at the contemporary ports.

The pleated hems and color blocks are reflecting the sensation of the colorful and rough surfaces that we captured from the containers, ferries, cranes and concrete blocks.

One of the most amazing features of the ports is the scale. The stacked containers, the ferries and the machinery moving the different elements around, are huge. 

Shipping industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, yet there is quite little talk about the impact that it has for the economy, environment and culture. The whole boom of e commerce is based on low fares of transportation and seafare industry is a big part of the global transportation network. It has a major impact on the environment and on people who work at the ports. These massive facilities are usually located out of sight. They are outside of the most important metropolis around the world, in different continents.

Also, the shipping industry raises the question of an origin. How much do the materials that a specific item is made from travel, before the “Made in xxx” is attached to them?

During the autumn we will reveal more of the material we have gathered while observing the ports in Helsinki. Keep tuned, there is lot of interesting posts coming up!

Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Laura Oja