huhtikuu 12, 2019

In March 2019 TAUKO was nominated as one of the five shortlisted candidates for winning the Best Sustainable Fashion Project by British Council. We were honoured to receive the award for "The Best Sustainbale Fashion Project", among total of 80 design and fashion companies in Valencia, Spain! Our mission is now to rase awareness of how local textiles can be recycled  and how we can change textile indusrty into circular economy. 

TAUKO has been developing the concept of reusing old rental textiles from hotel-, hospitality, and healthcare industries for the past five years. 80% of all the collection items are made from local recycled textiles. The concept allows us to be fully transparent in our production and working together with local textile companies. The rest, 20% of the textiles, are GOTS certified cotton and organic wool.

All the production is placed in small Finnish and Estonian textile companies. Our main partner in is production Rütiks Oü. A family owned sewing company in Loksa, Estonia. The development of the recycling concept has been only possible due to the commitment of the sewing company we are working with. 

During the Fashion Revolution campaign in April 2019, we wanted to show, not only, how recycled textiles can be used as the raw materials of high quality products, but also, how working together with local companies, can really help to change the industry and offer new perspectives.

We are proud to ask you to join the revolution with us!

Learn more about the TAUKO's textile recycling process here.


Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Till Bovermann