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TAUKO is created for the community we have around us. The constant dialog with our customers guides us in our design process and develops new ideas for the community to explore. For sustainability and timelessness, the designs provide tools for the community for self expression, belonging and comfort.

With the series of TAUKO portraits, we would like you to meet some of our customers, the core of the brand. These are people we look up to, share similar values with and have endless conversations about design, fashion and life. 


Eeva works as a graphic designer and was born in 1979 in Helsinki. She describes her self as a “Cyclist, enthusiastic, scout, graphic designer”. Having numerous inspiring talks with Eeva, I would also add “community lover and environmentalist” to the list.

She wears Ruttutop in black, Radalla shorts in black, Cuddle pompom scarf in white and green Horizon wool cardigan from the her personal TAUKO archive.

eeva holding berries


Read the TAUKO journal article to learn more about Eeva and our talk about shame, crows and cycling in Helsinki.


Minna Määttä works as a dance and pilates teacher in Helsinki. Her sense of humour and rebellious attitude to life is a constant inspiration source for us. Working with people and having movement as her profession, we have many things in common that we love to share. 

Minna wears Confidence jumpsuit from her personal TAUKO archive.


 Read the full story of Minna on the TAUKO journal. 


Salla Pentikäinen is one of our oldest customers who has a complete travelling garderobe from TAUKO. She studies at the moment to become a laborant, with the passion for travelling, independent restaurants, museums and libraries in Helsinki. 

Salla wears  

Cella shirt in drizzle grey and Wish trousers dark blue from her personal TAUKO archive.


Read more about Salla's Winnie the Pooh -attitude on life, we adore and find out about her favourite restaurants in Helsinki from the TAUKO journal.

Photos by Laura Oja


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