TAUKO Studio store

Kanavaranta 15, Helsinki

Step in through the window!

Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat 11-16
Closed on mondays and sundays


You can also book a visit just for yourself! Please contact us: tauko@taukodesign.fi



+358 (0)50 575 4764


The TAUKO studio store is the best place to experience all TAUKO items: especially finding the pearls from the past seasons and getting pampered by our lovely staff. If you need small alterations to make the fit perfect, they can be done while you enjoy your favourite drink in one of the lovely coffee shops near by. Design, sampling, production development, sales and marketing: this is where the magic happens!

Our store is offering a lovely and welcoming shopping experience, but it is also a space for a living hub, with monthly events from new collection launches to boutique fashion shows, clothes swapping parties, cosy breakfast and afterwork drinks.

We love to organise get-togethers and let our customers and likeminded sustainable lifestyle supporters, art and design lovers, meet each other.

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