Design workshop 15.12.2018 / Jackets & Coats

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Learn about the TAUKO design and production process by creating your personalized jacket!

  • Join in for an exciting workshop, where you will design your own jacket and get to know how fashion items are made from recycled textiles. During the workshop you will be guided through the process by our designers starting with first sketches based on the TAUKO jacket collection, all the way to the final technical drawings.

    The actual manufacturing of your jacket design will be handled by skilful seamstresses of our partner companies in Estonia. Within the next month, you will receive your personal jacket delivered to your home, ready to be loved and worn by you!

    The price of the workshop is 350€. You can choose to pay the whole workshop at once or make it in two instalments (reservation fee 150€ and the rest 200€ when attending the workshop).

    The workshop includes:

    Step by step personal guidance on the design process in a small group
    • Premade technical drawings for the design and production
    • Manufacturing and home delivery of the jacket
    • All the high quality recycled materials for making your jacket
    Teaching and insights about the small scale industrial clothing manufacture
    Welcoming drinks and light lunch
  • The model of the individual jacket can be chosen from five different TAUKO jackets and it will become an unique variation of it. The main colour of the jacket can vary from different shades of melange grey, blue, violet, brown, black or warm pink to deep burgundy. For details such as pockets, buttons or even a collar, the whole TAUKO stock of materials is free of use. The participants can also bring their own textile treasures to be used as a part of the unique designs.

    Please note that changes to the jacket models, for example sleeve length, widths etc., cannot be made. The workshop focuses on the colours and colour combinations of the design process.

    • Learning about material driven design process
    Freedom to choose one of the five TAUKO jackets as the bases for the design
    Usage of the recycled TAUKO textiles
    • Gaining a lot of acknowledge on the recycled textiles for fashion design

  • • The workshop takes place at TAUKO studio, Kanavaranta 15, 00160 Helsinki
    • The duration is from 10am to 3pm
    • The price of the workshop is 350€ including the jacket. You can choose to pay the whole workshop at once or make it in two instalments (reservation fee 150€ and the rest 200€ when attending the workshop).
    • Please note that the registration for participation is binding, and the registration fee will be refunded only in case of acute illness; in such cases we kindly request that you provide a medical certificate.

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