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Clothes that feel comfortable and look the way you want, will be loved and cared for longer. Choosing the right size might be sometimes tricky, but these steps will help you when you are shopping online. All our new collection items have product specified measure tables which are created to guide you. If in doubt, please feel free to give us a call or chat with our team members online.


Easy and nice to have in hand.


Your measures may change +/- 1-2cm during the day. Especially legs and belly will swell little during the day.


Lay your trousers, dress or a top on a table and measure the half widths. If you want to have a complete looseness table, choose different items to measure.


Multiply by two the measures from your favourite(s) item and mark them down. Count the difference between your body size and your garment measures. This is your personal favourable looseness in the type of garment you used as a reference. And this is what you should aim for when you look for similar clothing.

People are very different in what kind of fit they feel comfortable with. Some like the figure hugging size better when others prefer oversize fit. The looseness table helps you to understand, better than the size tag, what feels best for you.

COMPARE YOUR SIZE TO The product measurement table

Most of the products on our webpage include a product measurement table. Compare the measurements with your own charts and look for an equivalent. All our products are crafted one by one and therefore the actual product and the measure table can vary a little bit.

find your size

Sometimes the simple charts do not tell all. This is when we are happy to step in and offer our helping hand. We have an online chat which connects you with our team, and you can also give us a call +358 (0) 50 575 4764 or write us an email

For finding out how TAUKO measure charts are created check the TAUKO Journal article, Size is more than a number

And the little wonderful TAUKO extra: we can change the sizing for you! Check how we can do the magic.

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