Our story

TAUKO is a sustainable nordic fashion house founded in 2014 and based in Helsinki, Finland. We are committed to creating timeless and ethical clothing for people who care about the planetary well-being as much as we do. We believe in kindness, honesty and respect.

From 2020 our focus has been in creating a collection, which follows the natural rhythm of our community, the Lifecycles. The design philosophy of the collection originates in versatility and longevity. By creating everyday ease and comfort, elegance and personality, the designs are treasured for their aesthetics and functionality. The clean lines and adjustable silhouettes provide space for various stylings, fitting the collection pieces for upcoming seasons and occasions. The collection is in constant interaction with the community, contemporary fashion, art, and culture. Every season will bring new colors and variations of the designs keeping the collection ever-changing, yet a solid basis to come back to.

tauko story


Our passion for new ideas and innovations is turned into experimental designs which complement and develop the Lifecycles collection. As part of our design philosophy we are offering alteration and modification services for our customers. To be able to provide a continuous lifecycle for all our designs, we take back the loved and used TAUKO items. The Kinship collection is created from pre-loved TAUKO pieces.

Our unique award winning production concept creates a new life cycle for locally sourced industrial textiles, which are used during their first life cycle as bedsheets for hotels and healthcare. To rescue the quality textiles from being burned in massive amounts, we have developed design and production concept which you can read more from "Textile lifecycles" page. This forms the core of our fashion line – used, high quality textiles, reworked for our collections, while supporting local economies and minimising carbon footprints.

TAUKO stands for a break or a pause in Finnish. It describes the silent and still movement that is almost impossible to notice.

Mila Moisio & Kaisa Rissanen, Founders and owners of TAUKO

All photos by Laura Oja

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