February 18, 2018

A true sign of sustainability becoming a more than a momentary trend is, when big online platforms like Net-a-Porter start to offer a dedicated yet small ”organic” selection. The trend almost turns into a movement when smaller multi-brand online stores pop up, which offer curated selections from sustainable brands. However, the criteria on what is a sustainable brand varies a lot between the various platforms. While some of the stores let you filter by keywords like ‘organic’, or ‘recycled’, thus exposing their criteria for sustainability, some have a more inclusive yet fuzzy approach. In any case, all these new online stores are great to explore sustainable brands, and offer new viewpoints on what sustainability can be about.

Here comes my Top 5 and, if not already the case, it would be super if our new collection would be offered there!

The first three platforms offer more mid – to high fashion selection. Here you can shop for special design pieces. Weecos and Avocado are more for the everyday basics and the selection is very broad varying from cosmetics to furniture.


Gather & See

Based: UK

Brands: Very nicely curated selection of established fashion brands like Kowtow and Woron

Ethics: All brands have to fit into at least two of the five criteria: ‘Fair Trade’, ’Organic’, ’Eco-Friendly’, ’Small Scale Production’, ’Heritage’.

Vibe: Urban and stylish with that special UK touch.

Best for: Chique basics.


Reve en Vert

Based: UK

Brands: Mara Hoffmann, Filippa K and many more.

Ethics: Many established brands with sustainable values. Following the ideals of slow fashion with the offering of timeless pieces instead of seasonal trends.

Vibe: Cool boutique with some special design pieces.

Best for: Buying timeless wardrope key pieces.


Honest by

Based: Belgium

Brands: Bruno Peters, Y/project

Ethics: Transparency is the key feature of Honest by. Shopping guidelines are set with five different filters: organic / vegan / skin-friendly / recycled / European. For 2018, Honest by launched a campaign in which they state to be  ”on a Fashion Fast”. They will not produce any new collections or release new until October 2018. The campaign is encouraging people to think extra carefully about their fashion purchases and to consider to wear and buy vintage and / or used items.

Vibe: Small, curated offer of sustainable high fashion. Very special and therefore interesting concept.

Best for: Buying investment pieces, design dresses that last for a lifetime.



Based: Finland.

Brands: Finnish brands like Nokian Neulomo, TAUKO, Terhi Pölkki, Frenn and many more

Ethics: Wide variety of mainly Finnish brands with small-scale and/or Finnish production. Selection of hand-crafted items and small brands with innovative concepts using recycled and organic materials for the production. Offers everything from furniture over fashion to cosmetics.

Vibe: Positiveness and openness. Developing platform with lots of different brands that make it a great platform to discover newcomers.

Best for: Unique pieces and everyday casual looks.


Avocado store

Based: Germany

Brands: All major sustainable ready-to-wear brands like TAUKO, Armed Angels, People Tree, Patagonia and tons more.

Ethics: Showing the wide range of criteria that can be called sustainability. Items presented at the platform need to cover more than one of the following features: ‘raw organic materials’, ’fair & social’, durable, recycled & recyclable , ’made in Germany’, ’CO2-saving, resource preserving’, ’reducing harmful emissions’, ’cradle-to-cradle, ’vegan’.

Vibe: Casual and relaxed everyday-wear for a conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Best for: Trendy and practical basic wear.


Photos from the online platforms. Feature image from Honest by SPORT campaign

Text: Mila Moisio

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