December 14, 2021

 Dear friends,

We have big news for you! Last March, we started planning a new kind of international craft and lifestyle magazine. In November, the first issue of TAUKO Magazine was launched in more than 20 different countries, in hundreds of stores. The beautiful feedback and success of the magazine is something we only dared to hope for in our wildest dreams. The magazine has quickly become a platform that brings together designers, writers, debates, phenomena and artists united in creating a more beautiful and gentler future.

Now we want to give TAUKO Magazine our full input, which means we have to give up something that is very important to us. This is why we have decided to stop designing and manufacturing the TAUKO collections. The AW21 collection which we released in July will remain as the last ready to wear collection. We will sell our existing stock and if you have a custom made TAUKO piece you are urging for, you can place your order until Christmas. Our studio store in Katajanokka, Helsinki, will continue to operate under normal opening hours until the end of January 2022.

TAUKO will continue as a publisher of an international magazine, and from time to time you’ll be able to find gems from the collections in the form of sewing patterns within the pages of TAUKO Magazine. We want to encourage all of you to spread your wings by becoming a maker of your own TAUKO clothes or let the community know, if you are willing to sew the gems for them. Years in the fashion world have taught us that local communities and creators are invaluable. And the connection to clothing often arises through making. Our love for fashion and clothing has strengthened over the years, therefore, we will continue to manufacture and design clothing as part of collaborations and small projects. This applies e.g. business collaborations.

Hopefully in the coming months we will meet with joy-filled sessions in our store or have the privilege to wrap your last soft TAUKO order in tissue paper and send it to your door! We are extremely grateful to all our wonderful customers, friends and partners for the past years. Let's continue to create a beautiful world together.

With lots of love,

Kaisa, Hanna and Mila

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