March 15, 2021

Get inspired by the new TAUKO spring collection and combine your favourite pieces with your own wardrobe. You can order fitting pieces to your doorstep with the TAUKO salon at home-service and keep the ones with the best fits! You’ll be able to explore how fashion can be fun, empowering and caring for the environment.

Valpuri Liimatainen, a Helsinki based graphic designer, shares her lovely fitting moment and inspiration:

“My special moment for fitting and styling the TAUKO garments started in the afternoon accompanied with a beautiful sunlight in our living room. The sun turns into our living room after my working day is over and creates a wonderful feeling to the space. Due to the pandemic I work at home now, and wearing nice clothes helps me to set the mood and makes it easier for me to get to work. In addition, creating looks and different outfits has brought me a lot of joy in this uncertain time. Creating and posting various outfits of my wardrobe treasures, has become one of my daily joys.

It was especially fun to see how the TAUKO clothes I chose fit to the clothes in my wardrobe. I fell in love with the combination of the green Physa shirt from TAUKO’s spring collection and my vintage treasures, earthy orange pleat skirt and culottes. TAUKO’s wide legged Mya-slacks match perfectly with a second hand linen shirt from Vuokko. Trying on the pieces, I also noticed how TAUKO and Vuokko share a common design language. This makes it easy to pair my new and old favourites together! I rolled the legs of the trousers up, as I always do with trousers, and finished to look with my summer shoes. Mya slacks were also wonderful with my flower printed spring coat!

physa shirt with skirt matching colors

physa shirt with culottes

Mya with vuokko shirtMya with spring coat  

Aurelia maxi dress is so stunning that I really like to wear it just as it is. It is such an eye-catcher! But as the Finnish summer is sometimes also chilly, it is nice to have the possibility of adding a light robe coat to accompany the dress. I tried Aurelia with two different ropes.”

aurelia maxi dress

Aurealia maxi dress with rope

Aurealia maxi dress with a rope  

Valpuri Liimatainen is a Helsinki based graphic designer with an inspiring and joyful instagram account @valpur. Her style combines emerging new designers, established brands and rare vintage finds. From the spring TAUKO collection Valpuri chose a Physa shirt in green, Aurelia maxi dress and Mya slacks to complement her wardrobe and bring joy for the new season!


Photos: Valpuri Liimatainen

Words: Valpuri Liimatainen & Mila Moisio

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