March 29, 2021

How about digging your hands into the soil, showing some love and care to the plants? During the time of the pandemic when we can not travel to explore new worlds, meet new people and spend lazy afternoons or sparkling evenings with our friends, we can enjoy the company of plants. It might sound like a small consolation, but plants have surprisingly calming and energizing effects. Whether growing in your garden, living room or in the forest, the living organisms have amazing ability to broaden your perspective and spread some positive vibes. And being able to cultivate something by yourself is mind blowing. Be it basilica by the window or a carrot in your small urban garden, it is such a joy to seed, grow and harvest.

Our Gardening edition for 2021 has been inspired by observing nature and its cyclical growth and decay. It is created for spending time in the garden and with plants in all different ways: seeding, planting, harvesting, listening, smelling, taking photos, having tea, talking and singing to the plants or even having a little dance and a rest with them.

With the selection of gardening outfits, we wish to add thoughtfully, with huge respect to the environment, crafted clothes to your gardening days. These functional and personal gardening looks give back to the plants as each one of them is made from textiles which would have been burned otherwise. The soil, the waters or the air were not exploited for these soul feeding items.

The gardening edition items are made from reused polycotton and the fabric is breathable yet it is not easily worn out. For the Nordic-tee we use organic fair trade cotton and the Pier turtleneck shirt is crafted from postconsumer refibra-knit. All pockets are secured with extra stitching for strength. You can wash the clothes in up to 60 degrees if the garden makes you all muddy or you get some nasty oil stains. The designs guarantee the freedom of movement, if you need to jump over a bush or reach out to get an apple from the higher branches of the tree.

The Gardening edition

Linden culottes

Linden culottes and Ikigai shirt

Start seeding your favourite plants! The pockets fit all the little seed bags and you can wear extra layers under the culottes if it gets too cold. You can find the Linden culottes in bluestone and there are still few pieces left in melange grey, sizes S and M. The Ikigai shirt is available in chalk pink and bluestone.


Path dress

The Path Kaftan dress and Daikon trousers

This is the ultimate combination for spending the whole day in the garden. Roll up the legs and the sleeves and dig your hands into the soil. The loose cut dress is wonderful for having an afternoon rest under a big old tree. The Daikon trousers have a relaxed fit and comfy rubber band on the bag. Even after a long day you will feel great wearing the dress and trousers.



Leija jumpsuit & Leija shorts

With it’s huge pockets the jumpsuit carries also the tools for gardening and the long sleeves protect your hands from spiky bushes. Roll up the sleeves for your tea break. If you wish to create a different look, choose the Leija shorts which will be accompanied with the classic Nordic tee or the Pier turtleneck shirt. The Leija shorts are available for the 2021 season with the special theme color-way, Garden green.



judith dress

Judith v-neck dress 

Leave your Judith dress hanging on the hall’s wardrobe (next to the TAUKO x Hanna G apron) and grap it with you every time you are heading out for gardening. The button up dress with long sleeves and pockets is perfect for layering and it is light enough to take with you, even though you would have a little bit of bike ride to get to your garden. It is also wonderful for the little early evening in the garden, when you need that extra layer.


judith overall

Judith and TAUKO x Hanna G jumpsuits

You may need to stuff the legs into your rubber boots, if you are doing some more serious gardening, but the short sleeves, pockets and button up closure make this iconic jumpsuit a nice and neat addition for your gardening wardrobe. If you wish to have some extra pockets and more elasticity on the waist, choose the made by order TAUKO x Hanna G jumpsuit.


nordic tee

Nordic tee and Pier turtleneck shirt

A well made t-shirt, which keeps its shape when being washed and years of continuous use, is a must for every garnered. Our Nordic-tee shirt is made from organic, fair trade cotton which is knitted in Finland. The cutting and sewing is done by a family owned sewing company in Loksa, Estonia. The design is genderless and no-matter what is your figure like, it is always a great fit. You can also give it as a gift to your loved gardener friend! For the chillier days of early spring layer your Nordic tee with Pier turtleneck shirt. 




TAUKO x Hanna G apron

Designed in collaboration with a chef, food book author and food influencer Hanna Gullichsen, The TAUKO x Hanna G -apron is a perfect accessory for kitchen and garden. It offers the needed protection and has plenty of pockets. You can wear the apron in the garden and move directly to the kitchen with your harvest to bake the Sunday afternoon strawberry cake or a delicious veggie soup!



And last, but not least here is a little gift for you! A list of our favourite gardens and garden projects, publications, people and podcasts related to regenerative gardening and plant culture and life.

Gardens and gardening projectsgardens


Annalan puutarha, Helsinki, Finland
Run by a local organization, the garden is a sweet and original treet, open for all, everyday. We were privileged to get permission for taking the campaign photos for our Lifecycles collection here. You can support the community and its gardeners with small donations

Dodo Ry, Kääntöpöytä, Helsinki, Finland
Community and urban gardening in the middle of the buzzing city. A beautiful greenhouse with the possibility to organize your own events. A perfect spot for a romantic dinner? Or a special get together with your dear friend surrounded by green growth?


Frantsila herb farm, Hämeenkyrö, Finland
Frantsila is a pioneer in organic herb farming in Finland, and has been a natural health product manufacturer since 1981, when Virpi Raipala-Cormier and Jim Cormier established an herbal centre on the family farm.


Grosser Garten, Gerswalde, Germany
The Grosser Garten is one of my personal favourites when it comes to gardening projects near Berlin. It is a wonderful bike tour destination during the summer and the lovely mixture of culture, art and gardening creates a very personal and unique feel. The glasshouse runs a coffee and there are all kinds of little treats waiting for the ones who make the trips.


 Kielomäki, Ruokolahti, Finland
Kielomäki is not really a public garden, but I’m sure my sister will let you into her arboretum if you happen to pass by :). The amazing garden hosts bee hives and millions of flowers and is always blossoming. Different areas in the garden feature versatile themes of growth and there are cosy resting places here and there. And, get the honey! It will blow you away.


Långötorpin puutarha, Tammisaari, Finland
Little garden by the sea. Regenerative farming and courses for fermenting, farm to the table and much more to explore.


Mustila arboretum
Arboretum Mustila is especially famous for its rhododendrons and azaleas. In June a colourful sea of flowers can be seen in the Rhododendron Valley when hundreds of different species and hybrids are blooming. Another spectacular season of colours is in the autumn when the deciduous trees burst into a glow of red, orange and yellow.


Prizessin Garten, Berlin, Germany
“Imagine a future where every available space in big cities is used to let new green spaces bloom. Green spaces that local residents create themselves and use to produce fresh and healthy food. The result would be increased biological diversity, less CO2 and a better microclimate. The spaces would promote a sense of community and the exchange of a wide variety of competencies and forms of knowledge, and would help people lead more sustainable lives. They would be a kind of miniature utopia, a place where a new style of urban living can emerge, where people can work together, relax, communicate and enjoy locally produced vegetables.”



Read and listen

 Tips and info for regenerative gardening (in Finnish)

The Lissome, Issue No 2, Rewilding, “A permanent culture”

Emergence Magazine

Emergence Magazine podcast: "Reseeding the Food System;  

Artist-gardeners from 1860s to the 1920s (exhibition intro) 

Mushroom pumping (this video will cheer you up)

Katie Holten; About Trees (essay collection)

Richard Powers; Overstory (a novel)



Photos by Laura Oja and Till Bovermann

Words by Mila Moisio





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