May 06, 2018

Sustainable fashion is about finding new ways to produce and design collections, but also about really exploring alternative mindsets and concepts for the fashion business in it self.

Many of the brands working towards sustainability are in the mission of arising awareness and really learning about what sustainability can mean. It is not always about just minimizing the cost for the people and environment, but actually also about having a positive impact on the environment.

Here are my top 5 brands for the 2018.




Speciality: design-centric minimalism and off-the-body silhouettes

Price range: €€€

Mission: Long term collaborations with producers to give them regular, reliable work, even if it means not getting the absolute cheapest rates.   

"Most of us in the West haven't grown up with extreme poverty; we're not in a war; our economy's doing well. So we can afford to think, 'What sort of impact do I want to have on the world?' We're lucky enough to be in that generation of people who can create some real change." Gosia Piatek, founder and CEO of Kowtow






Speciality: swimwear and colorblock collections as signature pieces.

Price range: €€€

Mission: To design and manufacture clothes with greater care and to reduce our impact and generate awareness.




Speciality: Small, simple and strong collection with no seasons nor sales

Price range: €€€

Mission: provide better jobs, new skills and opportunities for women in prison and using locally sourced materials  native to the country of production




Speciality: High-end fashion label with strong sustainable mission

Price range€€€€€

Mission: From never using leather or fur and pioneering new alternative materials to utilising cutting edge technologies, pushing towards circularity, protecting ancient and endangered forests and measuring our impact with ground-breaking tools.




Speciality: signature garment making technique is the applique, a textile embellishment skill mastered in various regions of India

Price range: €€€

Mission: committing to forge partnerships with artisans that promote self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship in developing economies




Speciality: Casual style with the signature feature of mixing different materials and fabrics for creating distinctive style

Price range: €€

Mission: Using left over materials for production and developing the methods of upcycling.

Text: Mila Moisio

Photos from the related brand webpage 

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