July 27, 2019

Geological time inspires The Deep Time collection for Autumn Winter 2019, a perspective taking us back to earth’s very first days 4.5 billion years ago. The rocks, stones and sand were all here long before humans or any living organism – the materials weathered and transformed in a time cycle so slow it makes humans’ time on earth a mere blink of an eye.

We were fascinated by these very slowly transforming objects and their place in our everyday environment. People have taken an active role in guiding these transformations, and it is time to consider what this means. For in our time, Deep Time has been turned into rapidly moving cycles, spurring changes whose effects we cannot foresee.

The campaign visuality is themed around minerals, sand, stones and rocks. Layered looks are transmitting the metaphor of cycles of time. 

Soil skirt and Pier turtleneck shirt are the first arrivals of the Autumn 2019 collection.

The colors of the collection take their cue from autumn woodlands, sand and stone. The silhouettes and lines are clean and progressive, designed for everyday ease yet full of personal expression. These are pieces that celebrate natural chic and style alongside sustainability.

Mineral shirt has brass buttons that are made from recycled brass. The boxy silhouette has been inspired by the robust geometrical shapes of rocks and stones.

The campaign visuality and storytelling has been designed and executed by a wonderful and talented team. Big thank you to:

Art Direction @Blackbird/berlin

Photogarphy @Laura Oja

Graphic Design @Dörte de Jesus

Styling @Sophia Schwan

Make up and Hair @Eva Dieckhoff

Muse @Sara Al-Shaalan

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