August 21, 2019

The Deep time Autumn colors take their cue from autumn woodlands, sand and stone. Inspirational November landscape can reveal a whole spectrum of amazing dynamics of colour. 

The perfect palette is created combining powerful and intense colors with lighter and classy tones. The dynamics between different colours create space and tensions that are the heart of your personal style.



Burnt Henna

Earthy red, as if glowing with the hint of orange. This is the perfect color for the ones looking for tender and sensual colors for the season. Combine the Stone dress and lighter melange burnt henna Dust dress with the depths of Alpine green and fresh drizzle grey bottoms.

Desert sun

Yellow with a hint of red spreading a lot of joy and warmth around you! Works best in small portions as in Mineral shirt combined with fresh tones of grey, blue and green. Try Mineral shirt with your favourite jeans as desert sun loves to match also with indigo blue! 


Alpine green

Thinking of the evergreen pine trees or sea moss is the best way to capture this beautiful tone of green. After several combinations and mixes, we start to believe that this colour fits with all the rest in the pallet. Also the lighter version, Melange Alpine green, as in Wish trousers and Dust dress, is the easy mix and match color. 

Marine blue

Dark blue premiered in the TAUKO collection last autumn as we introduced the organic merino wool knits. Now this classic color is spread to Wish trousers. Combine with other classics such as Alpine green, add some power with desert sun Mineral shirt or bring in the cooler tones in drizzle grey and cameo pink. 

Coal black

This is TAUKO’s classic, a signature color. Some consider it grey, but for us it is the gentle tone of deep and dark black. Fits with all.



Drizzle grey

Bare birch tree trunks or early morning frost on the pavement describe this beautiful light grey, the drizzle grey. It is “open” and spacious color that offers space for the more intense and demanding power colors, burnt henna and desert sun. It’s also cool to make a monochromatic look with full drizzle grey outfit, such as Stone dress combined with Cargo trousers


White has a small but essential role in the Deep Time collection. Nordic Tee is made from surplus fair trade cotton white, a slightly broken white tone on it. It brings in the coolness that only white can offer.

Melange estate blue

To be honest, the melange estate blue was a pure accident, a lucky one. With some miscommunication between the dyeing and sewing company, we received the first samples for the Autumn collection in a color that was supposed to be Marine blue. This color, much lighter than on the design table, was named as Melange estate blue. After some consideration and killing a couple of darlings, we decided to keep the color in the collection. For now, it has been the number one favourite and top seller <3. 


Cameo pink

There is a little hint of playful pink in the Deep Time collection. It is a highlighting color that reveals itself in the knit structure of the Marine blue Horizon cardigan (coming soon!) and Line beanie. Combine the cardigan with drizzle grey Mineral shirt and coal black Cargo trousers to complete your looks.


New arrivals for the Autumn 2019 collection will be updated on the online store during August, September and October. Follow the news to find your favourites!


Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Laura Oja

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