June 09, 2018

Quite often a place, a location, inspires and gives a push for a new TAUKO collection to be born. For the Spring and Summer 2019 collection this has been the case and for that reason it was very obvious which would be the perfect location for having the look book photoshoot of the collection. The 1920’s architecture, the cultural and artistic atmosphere, has been one of biggest sources of inspiration for us, and therefore the former tuberculosis sanatorium in Paimio, Southwest Finland was chosen as the location for the lookbook photoshoot. The sanatorium is designed by one of the most influential Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in 1929.  

This is a little sneak peek to our next summer collection in the form of a scouting trip to Paimio in April 2018!

The colourful staircase is one of the many exceptional spots at Paimio sanatorium. The different tones of grey combined with yellow flooring and slightly green blue outline create an amazing effect of calmness and brightness at the same time. It is said that one of the key points for the design of the sanatorium was to make the building itself a contributor to the healing process.

The colors of the sanatorium played a significant role also for the design process of the collection. The light grey tones contrasting with bright colourways can be expected for next summer!

The layout of the sanatorium shows how the different colour blocks are situated. It is very interesting to see all the different elements of the design, how they were planned out and how they were actually working in practise.

Having a lot of sunlight spread from the big windows into the different areas of the sanatorium is very prominent in Paimio. The clear lines and the play with lots of natural light, which is characteristic for the modern 1920’s architecture, made a big impact on us and on the design of the collection.

We were also very impressed about the rhythm of different elements and how Aino and Alvar Aalto had managed with the complete design process to make it such a harmonious and almost floating experience. The whole interior design including the furniture and the lights has been designed by them.

There is also a big sun deck on the very top floor of the building that was used for the tuberculosis patients for relaxing and healing in the sun. The deck offers a spectacular view to the surrounding, a very characteristic Finnish landscape. The thin pine trees grown around the sanatorium. We took the advantage of the beautiful forest surrounding us and sat down to enjoy the first sun rays of the spring.

The Paimio sanatorium is not used as a hospital anymore and it has been very well kept to experience the original ideals of the design. For anyone interested in the 1920’s architecture or the work of Aino and Alvar Aalto, this place is a definite must. The professional guides of Mangi Mundi will tell you all that you want to know about the design process and the ideals behind the Paimio sanatorium. There are public tours that are organised from June to August. Highly recommended place to visit for the summer 2018!

Photos by Laura Oja

Text by Mila Moisio

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