January 20, 2018

With Berlin Fashion Week, this week featured one of the main fashion events of 2018. This meant that it was an important week for us, too: We launched the TAUKO AW1819 collection to the international industry professionals at Premium Berlin. We were proud to present our new collection at a custom made stand, designed for us by the extremely talented Berlin based product designer Amelie Hinrichsen.

The inspiration for the stand design was inspired by the aesthetics of the sites where TAUKO’s raw materials come from. Visiting our Berlin partners in textile maintenance services revealed a fascinating world full of interesting details and structures to inform Amelie’s design process. Current textile maintenance is built around high-tech computation, automation and machinery that is able to handle tons of textiles each day (And of course by a team of workers, of which our partner is particularly proud of). Textiles that cannot be used anymore are sorted out and re-used as raw materials for the TAUKO collections.

Around all the machines and robotics that treat the textiles, the most prominent elements of the plant are the metal framed containers. Their iconic appearance showed their possibility for metamorphosis at the very beginning of the design process and became therefore the key elements of the stand.


The stand elements were designed as independent modules around the structure of the original containers. To suit also future utilisation, the design was required to be easily modified for different spaces. Build upon independent modules it is flexible and does not depend on a particular context.


Having a week full of meetings and sparkling excitement around the new collection, we are very satisfied and feel lucky to have such a talented team around us. At its best, presenting a new collection is a complex yet exciting process that opens up new perspectives. It certainly was a highlight of the year!

Photos by Till Bovermann, Amelie Hinrichsen and Mila Moisio

Text by Mila Moisio


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