July 02, 2018

The European Fashion weeks are here again! The mens summer 2019 collections have been launched in Paris, Milano and London. Now it is time for Berlin to show what are the latest hits for women's collections.

As the industry is facing radical changes new fashion hubs, like Berlin or Copenhagen are introduced to the fashion world. Street wear, sustainable fashion and new material and technical innovations are in focus during Berlin Fashion week.

TAUKO collections have been launched at Berlin Fashion week in different venues since summer 2015. We keep on coming back to the trade shows that offer quite a big variety of different lifestyle, small emerging brands together with the established fashion houses. Here are the insights from our experience of showcasing the collections:

Green Showroom and Ethical Fashion Show

These are one of the only trade shows in Europe that are focused only on sustainable brands. In addition to the best offer on new sustainable collections, the trade show treats the guests in several other ways to experience fashion novelties depending on your personal focus: Curated Greenshowroom selected fashion show presents the key pieces of different brands on a runway, the Prepeak lounge is equipped with professional photographers and makeup artist to offer their services for bloggers and influencers and several keynote speakers are invited to the trade show to share their insights on the industry.

Brands: TAUKO, Ecoalf, Skunkfunk, Trippen  





With the earlier focus on mens and street wear, Seek is now widening the perspective showcasing also women’s wear collection. Relaxed atmosphere and new emerging brands side by side with big sports & streetwear names like Adidas and Nike is characteristic for Seek. For the summer 2019 there are also some more sustainable brands listed.

Brands: Kowtow, Mud Jeans, Makia, R/H, R-collection




Panorama, Xoom Berlin

Xoom Berlin is a fairly new commer in the Berlin Fashion Week trade show scene. It is organized by a established trade show, Innatex that has been running for decades near Frankfurt am Main. Now in Berlin, the trade show is presenting low to mid priced sustainable and ecological fashion.

Brands: Knowledgecotton Apparel, Globe hope, LOVJOI




Premium Berlin

Wide variety of different brands in 8 exhibition halls. One of the biggest trade shows in Berlin. Small sustainable brand area.

Armedangels, Filippa K, Lumi, People Tree




Even though the trade shows offer interesting venus, luckily the Fashion week is not just about the trade shows! During the fashion week there are plenty of fashion tourist around and the Berlin boutiques in downtown are putting out the best they have. 

The city is literally full of places that are worth to visit, during the day, for shopping and after-hours for launch parties and other cool surprising events. To choose some, visit at least Mullachstrasse in Mitte for its many nicely curated shops that feature international fashion brands or Bikini Berlin for the special concept mall and nice variety of coffees if the weather gets too hot!

And of course, as the city is filled with fashion and fashion people, you can just find a nice coffee place and enjoy the stream of people passing by! That is real life fashion at its best.

Text: Mila Moisio

Photos credit by the linked pages. 

Bikini Berlin photo credit:http://www.uaucollectiv.com/portfolio/bikini-berlin/


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