July 15, 2020


Clean lines, big pockets, voluminous hems and a significant portion of personality. The TAUKO signature pieces are selected from our all time best sellers, the angular Leijat-family and the high waisted Radalla-trousers and skirts. These pieces have been part of the TAUKO collections from the very first steps of our journey and season after season they are rediscovered.

As designers, we spot the signature pieces on the street and feel the urge of greeting them as an old dear friend!

Japanese vibes

The angular design and the graphical silhouette has that little something that reflects the minimalist aesthetics common to both Finland and Japan. Leijat in Japan booklet was then created by wonderful photographer Yeahia Eweis capturing the everyday life in Tokyo and Kioto.

For the summer 2020 we styled the classic Leijat-pants with Physa wrap shirt. The endless variations show the power of the design: versatility makes design timeless and loved.

Being one of the earliest designs, we were in love with finding new structures and constructions of garments and the big, folded pockets were our success in the pattern problematics. Our customers have also fallen in love with this spectacular detail, especially in the Picnicleija-dress and Minileija-skirt. What a special feature - having this large pockets hidden in a beautiful design piece!

Feminine silhouettes 

The radalla trousers and skirts are loved due to their playful design and visually interesting silhouettes. Radalla-trousers have been described as the "best travel pants ever" and "the pants that make you feel safe and comfortable."

The Radalla-skirt has the same comfort and architectural shape on the hips transforming giving the classic pen skirt another variant with that personal touch. It goes perfectly with fancier occasions but also as an eye-catcher at any casual office day. 

TAUKOs Signature-products are valued and loved, making them the designs which are not missed when spotted on the streets.

To keep the love strong and offer something for everyone, we provide special colours with our pre-order service time to time and make unique editions of seasonal variants. For any specific wishes of your favourite signature piece, visit our studio store or write us an email. We are always delighted to find a new signature friend!

Text: Mila Moisio & Tiia Horppu

Photos: Yehia Eweis

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