June 22, 2018

It is the best time of the year. There is the endless amount of daylight and the woods have turned neon green. Everything in blossoming, it is the peak of the growth. In Finland the nightless nights of midsummer have been celebrated for centuries surrounded by nature and old folklore traditions. The nature is seen as the source of fertility and good will. No wonder.

Weather spending the nightless nights in the city or escaping into the summer cottage by the lake, the nature observation and the superpowers can be explored no matter where you are.

Our favourite photographers have captured images of the nature superpowers through a microscope lens and with the wide view. With these beautiful photos we wish you happy Midsummer, explore the nightless nights and the nature superpowers!

Laura Oja is a professional photgrapher who has a very precise eye on rhythm and light. We just love her skill of showing the beauty of quickly passing by moments. Photography in its best can really open up new worlds, and this is what Laura is capable in doing.



Till Bovermann has his background on research and he is deeply involved with the questions of otherness and inter-pieces communication. His photos show the little details of nature that surrounds us in our everyday life. Insects, mushrooms and all little creatures out there are his inspiration.


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