February 10, 2018

The design process of TAUKO collections is very often sparkled by the materials that we work with. The materials are processed from the local recycled textiles for each collection to reach the feel and looks we are after. The TAUKO SS18 collection is inspired by the amazing surplus knits that we discovered. These shear viscose knits took us deep into to the research of the theme TRANSPARENCE. 

The design language of the collection plays with revealing and hiding. Daring cuts and layered structures reveal parts of the body whilst others stay covered. In one of the key pieces of the collection, Poppy Maxi dress, the soft curve of the back is revealed as an invitation to look closer. The layered design of the dress provokes curiosity to look deep into the design. It shows the little part of bare skin that rarely is revealed.

The design provokes the questions of body image and by doing so, takes us to the sociological and cultural research of the transparence theme. There are many social and cultural norms that are related to our age and body type that dictade the way we dress: how much of our body and which parts do we cover and reveal. Do we hide the wrinkles that are formed by ageing, the personal birthmarks or reactions of stress on our skin? Or do we celebrate these features that show our individuality and the passing of time in us? Is it ok to cover the spots on the skin or should they be shown to tell to others how we feel? How much do we want to show?  Why do we hide some parts of our body while we want to show others? How much are we driven by cultural and social rules of what needs to be hidden or revealed? How can fashion trends introduce new ways to rethink our body image?


These questions became very important to us and they guided the whole design process. To understand them even in more detail we looked into arts, music and economics and found three amazing women, who inspired us to continue our search. Talking to these ladies gave us new perspective on the question of TRANSPARENCE. Rauha Mäkilä, Saara Kankaanrinta and Ona Kamu showed how daring, being honest, showing vulnerability and challenging the norms, are at the very core of TRANSPARENCE.  We invited them to a lookbook photoshoot with us and will publish the small interviews and photos on the blog during the spring.


Starting with the materials the inspiration for a collection and the design process ends up in people, always. This has been quite true with the SS18 collection! For us fashion is about creating multi-layered design that can open up new ways to think of yourself, the body and rediscover, reinvent. When our customers dare to dress something they never did before and feel comfortable and self-secured, we know that we did a good job.

TRANSPARENCE is a theme that will continue to develop in our collections. The materials and the inspiring people of the SS18 collections sparkled the idea on how we could communicate these themes that are very important to us via our collections.

Photos: Laura Oja

Text: Mila Moisio


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