December 16, 2017

Vuokko Hovatta is a Helsinki based actor and musician. She is one of the four lead vocalist of Ultra Bra. The band had already made their last gig in 2001, but luckily decided on two comeback tours in 2017. For these very special tours Vuokko wanted to wear TAUKO. I had an interesting chat with Vuokko at TAUKO studio about the feel and looks of the clothes Vuokko decided to wear for the tours and also about the meaning that fashion has for her as a public figure. (Photo by Minna Hatinen)

What kind of looks and feel are you after when choosing what to wear for the concert?

I want to wear something that makes me feel relaxed and dressed at the same time. I need to feel super comfortable. The combination of Piilopaikka top and Leijat capri pants with the very specific lines and cuts makes me feel dressed yet I can wear sneakers with the combination. This is why I chose these for the summer tour we did.

Vuokko Hovatta at Ilosaarirock, photo by Miro Palokallio

Ultra Bra at Ilosaarirock in summer 2017, photo by Miro Palokallio

The colours also carry a lot of meaning and make a big difference. It was great to have the turquoise top when we played in Turku at Ruisrock festival. It was a sunny afternoon and we played on a stage outside, next to the sea. The colours of my outfit went perfectly together with the landscape and it made me feel great. Another concert that we had during the summer was at Ilosaarirock, at dawn. There I wore a medium purple top that reflected the colours of the evening sky.

Ultra Bra at Ruisrock in summer 2017, photo by Annika MIettinen

For the stadium concert in Helsinki, I was looking for something similar to the looks I had for the summer, but really fell in love with the feeling I got when stepping in to the black Volcano maxi dress. The dress has that special design feature that I really like about TAUKO clothes: cut and lines that create a fancy, unique and effortless silhouette. And with the maxi dress I can hide comfortable shoes under the long hems, so my shoe problems got solved! The dress is definitely one of the ”look amazing & feel great” outfits.

The very last, sold out, concert of Ultra Bra at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki in December 2017. Vuokko Hovatta wearing the Volcano Maxidress from TAUKO SS18 collection. Photo by Julia Aalto-Setälä.

How do clothes or fashion express your way of being?

Besides the looks and the feel, clothes carry a lot of meaning on the way they are designed and produced. I really want to emphasize the values and vision that I have through the clothes I wear. Wearing a top, trousers or a dress that is made from local recycled textiles in Finland stands for the kind of sustainable values that I believe in. I have the urge to show that things can be done differently, really respecting the environment and people. This is what I stand for with the clothes that I wear.  

I rarely buy anything new, and when it comes to clothing, furniture or any other items, I’d rather borrow or get recycled items than a new one. The items I buy are carefully thought out. I have the belief that individuals can make a difference and I want to show it on stage as well: with my whole presence and way I act and the way I am. By being a public figure and performing on big concerts I influence on lot of people. This opportunity that has come to me, I want to use by doing something that makes a difference. This is why it is such an important thing to acknowledge the meaning of the different elements you show on the stage. Fashion and clothes being a big part of it.

Which other designer pieces are seen on the stage?

There are Finnish designers Samuji, Ivana Helsinki and Katri Niskanen worn by me and Terhi (Kokkonen). The men wear a suit as always.

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