December 30, 2017

Almost there! Next year we will launch two new collections that we’ve been working with for long. Following the same patterns as a music album, our collections are created from single pieces to form multi-layered experience. The Spring/Summer18 and Autumn/Winter1819 are both unique collections, each built around a single garment design to create a complete world. Similar to musicians, but for the first time in TAUKO history, we also invited a guest artist, the extremely talented fashion designer Anna-Mari Leppisaari, into the team. We are so much looking forward to show you what we’ve been working for! 


However, the laborious and tedious cycle of collection-work lately has been questioned a lot in the fashion industry. On trade shows like Berlin’s Bread and Butter where brands increasingly feature ready-to-wear single items instead of seasonal collections. Also Finnish brands have recently announced to release new designs on a weekly basis.

We are asking ourselves, is this suitable model for TAUKO? Could we skip collections altogether and deliver single designs fresh from the pen of the designer? Should fashion follow the way of the music industry which also increasingly favours the release of singles over full albums? However, there is a point in making collections and albums which I am not wanting to give up easily.

Time is stretched, there is time to create a coherent experience, be it in a musical journey or in creating a fashion statement. Singles and designs can become more when put into a context of an album or a collection. The items connect to one another and it is exactly this connection and the way it is created that reveals the tension and the layers between the pieces, creates new worlds. As time and commitment is needed to create (and listen to) a coherent album, it takes time to dive into a collection. But afterwards you are rewarded by a world opening in front of you.

And, just like musicians release an album, we will soon release our SS18 and AW1819 collections to the public. After a lot of work and creating somewhat a complete imaginary world they will be taken in and worn by real people, thus becoming more real, in a sense, more true.

Wishing you the very best for 2018! Let's keep on building the dreams and make them true in the future.

Text, Mila Moisio

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