January 21, 2019


Berlin is bathing in the late Monday afternoon sun with the afterglow of the fashion week. For me, as the co-founder and designer of TAUKO, this afterglow means writing the last emails and checking still that I didn’t miss anyone on my list. It is time to wrap up the three day trade show where we presented our Autumn & Winter 2019-collection for international fashion boutique buyers and the press.



Notebook with business cards and little handwritten reminders around them to refresh the conversations I had during the three days at the fair. For us, the Berlin Fashion Week was, for the 9th season already, about meeting up with our customers, other sustainable brands and bloggers.



And, how was it?

At this point, I honestly think, it was great. Some of our dearest customers came again to see the collection and they seemed very excited about the new designs, colours and themes. I’m looking forward in continuing our work with Kiss the Inuit from Cologne, Minimalista from Pague and Rytz  from Bern among many others. These returning boutique keepers, are very important, not only for the sales, but also to get feedback from our collections and share experiences.

And of course it is very important also to find new companies to work with. And we are quite happy to say we did. Hold your breath and wait until the late summer, and we will let you know where you can get the new TAUKO collection in Autumn 2019!  


Any insights?

What was a lot talked about, is that the industry is going through some radical changes and many small business are closing their doors as the bigger ones emerge into ever growing multinational and multibrand mega corporations. This is the case with brands as it is for fashion shops.

Even though the big players have their own league far from us, they do set the prices, trends and buying habits for the people who wear the clothes, for all of us. The business starts to look like a spider network, similar to the one by Nestle, Google or Amazon, where literally every thread leads into the hands of these huge corporations. In this network, it feels ever more important to have your own independency as a shop, brand or press representative.

The trade show is a place to meet up and exchange experiences. It feels all the time more important to meet up face to face. Trends, themes and inspiration keep us developing new collections, but as importantly, we keep on developing the business. And this is done together with other brands and boutiques.

TEXT: Mila Moisio

Featured photo: Laura Oja

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