May 18, 2020


The story of the recollection initiative starts in spring 2017: A Finnish fashion brand Nanso, specialised in high quality knitwear, had just a year ago announced to close down their in house knit production in Finland. To avoid wasting the stock knits we were offered to buy some of the knits in the stock. And well, we fell in love with a sheer viscose knit that became the main inspiration and material of our spring and summer 2018 collection called “Transparence”.   




The “Transparence” collection included two special pieces: Power and Dew maxi skirts looked amazing and created wonderful silhouettes when in movement. The layered design had a very powerful effect on the wearer and every time I wore my maxi skirt, I felt very dressed and comfortable.  But all the power and layers had a downside, the skirts were heavy. And in the end a lot of them remained unsold. At the end of the season we packed the beauties into boxes now knowing what will come to them in the future.

Last summer I was wearing my Dew skirt after a long time and I started playing around with the design. Essentially the design had four (!) layers and by lifting them up, I was able to create new designs while wearing the skirt. I had to admit myself: there was a lot of fabric in this skirt. Maybe even enough to make it a dress, and a skirt! 


drop dress


The next morning I cut my skirt into pieces which was the beginning of the design process for Drop dress and Ripple skirt, the first recollection items. I loved the idea of redesigning our old stock pieces and giving them another form. After many tryouts and reassembling the new designs were ready and we managed to create a dress and a skirt from what used to be a maxi skirt of the past collection from summer 2018.

The storage boxes with Power and Breeze skirts were opened again and the skirts were cut and prepared for the production of the new designs.  


drop dress

ripple skirt gossamer green

Recollection is part of our design and production concept in which we would like to see our work as continuous movement  towards regenerative and circular practises for fashion. Our stocks are quite small and we have only a few pieces left from limited seasonal collections, but still, I would like to see these “leftovers” as an inspiration for creativity and improvisation.

apple tree

Recollection challenges the process of over-production and how the dead stock is traditionally handled. Instead of burning the last season collection overstock, there lies the possibility to reinvent and create new pieces using the design and the materials of the past collections. This creates yet another, very special and unique approach in the circularity of fashion. 

With the initiative the textiles get already a third lifecycle which shows how the amount of textiles waste can actually be reduced and fashion can have a positive impact on the environment.

drop dress fiesta red

The mini-collection pieces are available in two colour ways: Drop dress in fiesta red and black, the Ripple skirt in gossamer green and black. The pieces are sold via TAUKO online store and at the TAUKO Garden store in Helsinki.


Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Laura Oja

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