October 02, 2020


Special times need special care and new approaches. Even though the autumn and winter will not be welcomed with big parties and evening gowns, it is still important to find little moments to celebrate and make them special. With just a few friends or family members, you can easily create atmospheric private parties. 

Slip into your favourite dress or explore the private party selection we have prepared to have the feeling of party with you:

pealing the apple


A slow food dinner 

Make it a fun project and spend some more time with planning and preparing  than you normally would. Visit your local farmers market to see which veggies are in season and get creative by trying out new recipes. There are some really great cooking books that you can check. When dinner time comes, decorate the space with candles and flowers, maybe you’ll even do a playlist. You can spend as little or as long as you want keeping it fun and relaxed. 

Invite a friend or cook for your life companion, even only for yourself. Find an outfit that makes you feel special, maybe a piece you haven’t been wearing for a while or something you got for this special occasion. Ask your guest to do the same. Whoever you will invite, it will be special for both of you.

Cooking books that have been inspiring us (only in Finnish):
Alex Nieminen & Riikka Sukula: VEGE!
Hanna Guillichsen: Kokin kotiruokaa


A little dance party

All of us, who fancy dancing, have been probably missing the movement, energy and feeling of rhythm in the body. Try out a little private dance party with some of your friends: create a playlist together or take turns as DJs, make some room to create a dance floor, set up the lights for creating the atmosphere and let the party begin. If you are lucky enough to have an excess to a bigger space, you could even consider little live music. Create a dress code for making the feel of speciality more prominent.




Go out: cinemas, exhibitions and restaurants 

Invite a friend or maybe two, and go to the movies, visit exhibitions or have a long dinner in a local restaurant. You might need to wear a mask and sit in allocated places, but still the experience is very fulfilling and inspiring. Booking a ticket or a table many weeks in advantage might be the new reality, even for cinema, that was something to spontaneously walk into before. Having these events planned out and marked in your calendar makes them something to really look forward to. 

Keeping the culture life active, is the soul of your neighbourhood!

These are some of the restaurants we love to visit in our hoods: 

Ravintola Nokka






Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Laura Oja


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