March 03, 2018

Sustainability has as much to do with materials and production as with design. And our design is informed by our business model in which we aim to support a circular economy. Our approach is to create a balance between seasonal collections and continuous designs.

While our seasonal collections will continue to feature those little treats and experiments that make our sustainable fashion a never-ending source of inspiration, the TAUKO Basic collection represents such a continuous design line. Its designs are characterised through their more minimalist appearance that works so well in day-to-day life. The collection’s timeless silhouettes — which will be extended over time according to the wishes and needs of our customers — and colors — black, grey and white — are purposefully kept minimal.

With their intricate cuts, the garments can be worn either by themselves or combined with items of our future and past seasonal collections.

We are excited to collaborate with the bag brand Kasperi in the upcoming campaign for TAUKO Basic. Kasperi shares many of our values: All their bags are made to last for many generations to come. This is what we mean by sustainable design: to use high quality materials, make them into durable, multi-generational pieces and therefore encourage people to purchase less. Let’s make more objects that future generations also want to enjoy!

Within the campaign and following our previous collection’s theme of presenting powerful women, we invited investigative journalist, documentary photographer and awarded author Kukka Ranta to be the face for the TAUKO Basic collection. With her research work and journalistic publications, she is working for human and animal rights. Since January 2018 she has been working full-time on a non-fiction book & research project about the assimilation experiences of the Finnish Sámi Indigenous people and the ownership of the arctic nature in Sámi native region.

We are in awe for the work Kukka Ranta is doing to give a voice to people and all living creatures, whose voices have not been listened to, neither in past nor present media.

Text: Mila Moisio & Till Bovermann

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