April 02, 2020


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to try on all the different collection items when you shop online? Like in a store, where you are helped by the professionals to select the pieces for the fitting room, encouraged with new ideas and inspiration? And on top,  you could have the chance to take the time and adjust all the different looks with your own shoes, bags and accessories at home? We have created a service to make it possible. TAUKO salon at home is our new service which allows you to choose all your favourite pieces from our collection online, get insights and styling tips from us and have the items delivered to your home. 

online shopping

The service was created during the first weeks of the corona pandemic hitting European cities. Due to the necessity of the lockdowns and safety of people, our physical stores were closed in Helsinki.  This left us depending on our online store and missing the customer contact which our brand is based on. Thinking of different options, we found a simple way to be able to offer the safeness and easiness of online shopping and the social and fun of shared experience. 

The best part of our work is seeing the designs becoming alive worn by different people. We know our collections inside out  and it is wonderful to be able to offer our expertise with the design, colour and size selection, possible combinations and variable looks. The interaction between us and our customers has not been possible with conventional online shopping and we wish to be part of the fun now with the TAUKO salon at home service!

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Having the collection pieces at home and making the decisions with your phase will result in sustainable choices. Different sizes do not necessarily mean too big or too small, but it can just be about creating different looks. TAUKO salon at home makes it possible to try on all the different variations and choose the one that really fits best, at home.

trying on

We are happy and excited about the new service and would also love to hear what you think of the initiative. All the feedback is highly appreciated <3. 

For now the service is only offered in Finland and we collaborate with bike couriers for the delivery within the Helsinki area. Our mission is to make the shopping experience easy, fun and respectful for the environment.


Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Till Bovermann

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