May 14, 2018

How would you call a project that is one of the most important thing you’ve ever did? We decided to call it TAUKO

TAUKO was born in 2008 and has been called TAUKO ever since. Sitting in the floor of a one room studio in an old wooden house, making hang-tags from old cardboard pieces, we started to wonder what we could call the clothes we are designing and making. We already decided on a logo, a ubiquitous traffic sign that indicates a place to have a break. But with just the logo, there was no way to talk or write about the clothes. We needed a name. It was one of our close friends, which came up with “tauko”, the Finnish word for having a break. There really were no alternatives, we loved it from the start.

For several years, TAUKO was used as part of the logo and did not really exist without it. The logo itself changed slightly over time and, little by little, our brand name grew independent from its origin.

TAUKO is a beautiful word with a nice rhythm to it. Although it is a finnish word, its spelling is simple and recognizable also by foreigners. When it is used in finnish, its meaning is always connected to taking a break from an action, e.g. taking a breath (hengähdstauko), a coffee break (kahvitauko), a cease-fire (tulitauko), a match break or lunch break. For our brand, it became a reminder for reflecting on our work: it reminds us to step back every now and then from what we do, to understand and communicate our world view.

Text: Mila Moisio

Photos Till Bovermann and Laura Oja

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