May 29, 2019

A capsule collection designed and manufactured for loving and respecting the Baltic Sea will be out in June 2019. All the profit will be donated to the Baltic Sea Action Group. 

TAUKO X GULLKRONA collection is created in collaboration with the founders of TAUKO, Mila Moisio and Kaisa Rissanen, and the new owners of Gullkrona harbour Saara Kankaanrinta and Ilkka Herlin. With this capsule collection we show how fashion can be designed and produced with loving care for the environment. The limited edition of sustainable clothing raises awareness for the endangered and unique habitat of the Baltic Sea.

Saara Kankaanrinta and Mila Moisio at the reopening of the Gullkrona harbour in May 2019. The collaboration has brought up a lot of new ideas how we can work together to rase awareness of the fashion industry's effects on the underwater sea-life. 



The collection is designed for everyone to enjoy the beautiful summer days in the archipelago. Timeless, easy-to-combine t-shirts, tunic dresses, hats and bags have a special focus on details. The colors take their cue from the sea, the open horizon, and the rocky coastline habitat with its different plants. For the first time there are also kid's clothing within a TAUKO collection!

The collection aims to convey how respect and love for the environment can be incorporated into clothing design and production. It also raises awareness of the ways that clothing manufacturing impacts nature, including the fragile ecosystems and species of the Baltic Sea. The items in the collection are named after species native to the Baltic Sea region. This is to stress both the species diversity in the ecosystem, and the fact that many of them are in danger of extinction.

”Conscientious and responsible production has always been one of the key aspects of TAUKO. For this collection we have gathered inspiration from marine archipelago landscapes, their vast horizons and inhabitants”, says Mila Moisio.

”Fashion industry has long-term environmental impacts, for example through cotton farming, monocultures and the use of pesticides. It is especially important to us that this collection recycles existing textile materials, instead of producing new material. We want to be completely transparent in demonstrating what makes up the price of genuinely sustainable and beautiful clothing”, comments Saara Kankaanrinta.



Is a small island and a loved, natural harbour in the archipelago of Finland. The surrounding of Gullkrona offers a unique habitat for extraordinary sea life and amazing nature experience for the visitors. After being closed for ten years, the harbour will be reopened in May 2019 by Saara Kankaanrinta and Ilkka Herlin.

Saara Kankaanrinta and Ilkka Herlin are the new owners of the Gullkrona harbour. Kankaanrinta and Herlin are known as a couple for their persistent and loving work for the environment. Rethinking the energy production and farming respecting the conditions of the environment are among the key factors of their work. As owners of two farms that  are based on carbon farming and nurturing the biodiversity, the couple is experimenting on how food and energy could be produced in a way that improves biodiversity, curbs emissions and sequesters carbon while cycling nutrients.


”Giving nature more space” is the motto for Kankaanrinta and Herlin couple. For the Gullkrona harbour, they will create a sustainable visitors culture that is based on the well-being of the surrounding nature.



BSAG works to restore the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. It is a goal that can be reached only through extensive co-operation. For us, the Baltic Sea, is a an endless source for inspiration, a delicate and sill quite unknown Sea that we have a huge respect for. During the last years we've become more and more aware of the underwater life of the Baltic Sea that has been endangered due to human actions.  

Today the Baltic Sea is in critical condition – it is considered one of the most polluted seas in the world. It can still be saved but actions should be taken immediately.

The most severe problems of the Baltic Sea are eutrophication, hazardous substances, risks of the maritime traffic and the loss of biodiversity. The environmental problems are interwoven. When we are talking about climate change, we are also talking about the state of the Baltic Sea.

BSAG, The Baltic Sea Action Group, (officially “Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea”) is an independent non-profit foundation (2008) based in Finland. BSAG works to find solutions and right actors to restore the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea.

The work is based on constructive cooperation among all levels of society, including the highest political level in all the Baltic Sea countries, public authorities, and the private sector. BSAG works as a matchmaker, bringing research findings to the use of the decision makers, activating companies to find and implement solutions, and bringing together the parties needed to save the Baltic Sea.

With the TAUKO x GULKRONA we want to make the first steps as a company to inform people and help BSAG to work for the Baltic Sea. All the profit of the collection will be donated to the Baltic Sea Action Group.   


The collection has the summer essentials for women, men and children. It is available at the TAUKO store and online until end of August 2019. 



Rahkasammal T-shirt, in sunshine yellow, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, sailor blue, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, soft grey, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, white, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sunshine yellow, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, broken white, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sailor blue, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, soft grey, sizes XS-XL


FOR KIDS, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, soft grey, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, in sunshine yellow, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, white, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sunshine yellow, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, broken white,  sizes 110/116 and 134/140



Vimpa hat, sunshine yellow, sizes 52-56

Maneetti hat, white, sizes 54-58

Rahkasammal bag


Photos: Laura Oja

Text: Mila Moisio & BSAG

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