October 05, 2020


The capsule collection is created in collaboration with a chef and food influencer Hanna Gullichsen. Our ambiguous aim is to encourage people to make lifestyle changes that are expected to have a rapid and decisive impact on environmental problems. We believe that small things, like cooking more at home with locally produced ingredients, create appreciation and commitment to the environment. The same kind of commitment is created when talking about sustainable fashion. 

Hanna Guillichsen


Our inspiration for creating a capsule collection for home cookers came from getting to know Hanna’s passion for home cooking recipes. Hanna’s cooking philosophy relies on simple, inspiring and beautiful recipes that make cooking fun and easy. The rewarding feeling of being able to cook a delicious dinner is offered to everyone who is willing to invest a little bit of time.



Hanna’s recipes and cooking live’s on instagram reflect the ideals of high-quality home cooking: easy, simple and constantly renewed. But also environmentally friendly, non-toxic and locally produced. Raw materials are used to save resources, but without compromising on quality. In the chef's home kitchen, food is constantly combined in new ways, and in our fashion design, thinking is fueled by the possibility of reuse. 

The capsule collection is based on the reuse of textiles from the hotel and restaurant industry. The textiles that have been produced to serve as bedlinen, have a second life cycle as the aprons and jumpsuits of home cooks. The origin of textiles does not limit their intended use, but rather creates new stories, possibilities and inspiration.


looks with apron and jumpsuit


Designed and made for everyday life, TAUKO x Hanna G jumpsuit and apron have special design features that we picked up when exchanging ideas together. The jumpsuit is neat and versatile, something that can be used when shopping the groceries, having a bike ride, in the kitchen or the office. Hanna told us that from her experience, standing for the whole day while cooking, the belly swallows, and no one wants to have a pressing feeling around the waist when cooking. Cooking or not, we thought it is a good idea to offer the belly as much comfort as we can! The elastic and comfy ribbon on the TAUKO x Hanna G jumpsuit has been designed for ensuring the good vibes for the whole day. Even after the big dinner you’ve just cooked!  




Apron is a basic garment that everyone should have. It gives protection for your clothes and freedom for you to make a mess. With the pockets on the sides and on the front, you’ll have everything you need with you at all times. The one-size-fits-all apron is easily adjustable to the user's preferences and size.



With the collaboration to include the mindful and respectful attitude towards the environment to the new luxury of everyday life. And luxury here does not mean more wealth in the sense of money or luxury goods. It is about investing a little bit more time and thought. Rather than gaining more, the new luxury is about saving resources and using them more thoughtfully.  Behind the philosophy of scarcity is to celebrate the things we have available, to make everyday life a celebration, sustainably. The importance of these everyday choices is emphasized in both food and clothing choices.

Hanna Guillichsen

Text: Mila Moisio

Photos: Antti Mutka

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