July 16, 2019

The smell of the pine trees and the softness of moss under your bare feet, the sound of the waves and warm rocks to lay on or the vast and empty horizons with feeling of endless space around you  – our reasons for leaving the city behind and heading to the nature are various and oh, so tempting!

Nature destinations are the easiest places for balancing the city buzz and reflecting on the continuous workload. Long walks without any communication mediums are luxurious and well needed to find new inspiration for the creative work. 

Early last spring I visited Repovesi natural park, just few hours away from Helsinki. This year, I've been lucky to have experienced already the authentic and peacefull Gullkrona island on the Baltic Sea. And to have it all, for the last week of August I will head to Lappland for a hike.

These three nature destinations are my favourites, the best getaways from urban fuzz.


Early spring escape to Repovesi

Repovesi is one of the most picturesque lake landscapes in Finland. Formed during the age age, these lakes are connected to each other with narrow pathways. 

There are amazing views over the lakes surrounded by old pine tree forests. When we visited Repovesi in March, the lakes were still partly covered with thin ice. 

You can rent a hut or stay in local BtoB, sleep in a tent, stroll around with a kayak or a canoe.

These links will help you to explore more:

Link to national park site: HERE

Link to repovesi (only in Finnish)

Guided tours, maps, accommodation in English via Tervarumpu


Rahkasammal has been inspiring the TAUKO x GULLKRONA collection, and the t-shirt for the collection has been named after this amazing plant.


Summer trip to Gullkrona

Gullkrona Is a small island and a loved, natural harbour in the archipelago of Finland. The surrounding of Gullkrona offers a unique habitat for extraordinary sea life and amazing nature experience for the visitors. After being closed for ten years, the harbour was reopened in May 2019. 


The TAUKO x GULLKRONA -collection has been inspired by the landscape and the unique feeling of this small island. Most of the people visiting Gullkrona come with their own boats, as it is quite far from the mainland. During the summer you can take a ferry from one of the bigger islands and stay in a tent for a night or two. There are lot's of beautiful spots around Gullkrona to explore.


Find out how to get to Gullkrona by browsing through these links:

The island LINK

Ferry services


All the way up to Kilpisjärvi

Lapland is a very unique and special experience. The wilderness, having very few people around you, is liberating though it can give you some shivers also. The feeling makes you connected to the endless space which must be similar to the experience of a seafarer when in the middle of an ocean, at the open sea. 

Within Finnish borders there are no steep slopes or dramatic fjords, but quite shallow, old mountains that have worn out to easy access and tame yet powerful wilderness and wisdom. Minimal and strong.

Kilpisjärvi is fairly easy to reach when traveling from Helsinki, but the travel takes a day. When up there, pack your bag for minimum of 3 day hike in the wilderness, sleep in a tent or in a modest hut and embrace the fact, that there is no reach of internet after a day of walk.


A big inspiration writing this article, was the design process of the TAUKO x GULLKRONA collection. The collection items are named after spices specific to the Baltic Sea region. With the collection we wanted to raise awareness on the endangered habitat of the nordic sea.

The collection has the summer essentials for women, men and children. It is available at the TAUKO store and online until end of August 2019. 



Rahkasammal T-shirt, in sunshine yellow, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, sailor blue, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, soft grey, sizes XS-XL

Rahkasammal T-shirt, white, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sunshine yellow, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, broken white, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sailor blue, sizes XS-XL

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, soft grey, sizes XS-XL


FOR KIDS, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, soft grey, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, in sunshine yellow, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Rahkasammal T-shirt, white, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, sunshine yellow, sizes 110/116 and 134/140

Sinisimpukka Tunic dress, broken white,  sizes 110/116 and 134/140



Vimpa hat, sunshine yellow, sizes 52-56

Maneetti hat, white, sizes 54-58

Rahkasammal bag


Text by Mila Moisio


Repovesi and Gulkrona, Laura Oja

Kilpisjärvi, Till Bovermann


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