February 25, 2018

How is to make use of discarded textiles for fashion production? What steps are necessary before the regular production can start? Here are the steps we take before we send textiles to the sewing company. Important in the design of this pre-production chain was to find treatments with as little as possible energy consumption, while maintaining the high quality you know and love about TAUKO products.

The selection

Our long-term collaboration with Finnish and German textile rental companies allows for a seamless workflow. Together with them we choose the highest quality textiles for the TAUKO fashion line. Approximately 30% of all discarded textiles from these companies are re-used by us.


Working with materials that already had a previous life constantly pushes us to search for new and innovative solutions. Nevertheless, the TAUKO recycling process is based on infrastructure already existing in the textile industry. Since conventional fashion production and its machinery is mostly based on raw textile being on rolls, our used textiles need to be made fit e.g. by sewing together single sheets of bed linen or cutting them to the right shape.

Textile processing

Most of the raw textiles used for our collections are dyed with reactive dyes. Fabrics intended for jackets are additionally made weatherproof for endurance by an additional coating. We work together with various dyeing companies from Poland, Estonia and Finland to make the dyeing process as environmentally friendly as possible. These small companies are putting a lot of effort on finding new methods that save energy and decrease the usage of fresh water in the dyeing process.


Text: Mila Moisio

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