February 23, 2020

What is it that our customers love the most? Why do they keep on coming back? Is it the funky new style or the trust on the brand?

Here are the top five aspects that our customers value the most in TAUKO. The list is based on a customer survey we carried out a few weeks ago.

Reused and recycled materials
We were super happy to find the recycled textiles on the highest ranking on our customers priority list! Since the beginning of TAUKO’s history, for more than 10 years now, we’ve been focusing on the research of textile recycling for fashion. The work is still continuing as we are hoping to find less energy driven ways to treat the reused textiles.

Transparency and information of the origin
We have nothing to hide and we believe that sharing information teaches us and others new things. It is not perfection, but a process of learning from one another. As part of the transparency we wish to tell also about our journey and hope that others (brands and individuals) do the same. Learn about the radical transparency of our cost split here.

Timeless design
Sustainability has a lot to do with design. We rarely have prints, which make the clothes easier to adapt to new trends. With different styling of the same item they are fit for many different occasions and do not go out of fashion. Characteristic timeless design influencers for us are brands like Jil Sander.

Original and unique design
Leijat -collection was one of our early top sellers and it drew the first lines of TAUKO’s design language. Edgy, geometrical, with elegance and funny twist sounds exactly what we are after. Every new collection brings in a new design element. For summer 2020 it is the balloon sleeves of the Aurelia dress and jacket.

High quality and durability
This is one of the aspects we are very proud of. Choosing recycled materials as the raw textiles for our production has its pros and cons. The pros are obviously related to the environmental aspects of the textiles, but also to the durability. These textiles are by far the best we have ever worked with. And we can guarantee that they will last. One of the cons is the cost (expenses). It requires a lot of work to select and test the materials. As with everything, we do prefer the quality over the quantity. Learn how to love and care your TAUKO piece here.

What do you think is the ultimate number 1 aspect for a sustainable fashion brand? Or is there something you would like to give us feedback on? Please feel free to drop us a line tauko@taukodesign.fi
Text: MIla Moisio
Photos: Laura Oja
Photo from the sewing company by Till Bovermann

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