January 13, 2018

Were you ever in Katajanokka? When did you visit our neighbourhood the last time? Previous summer, we got a whole lot of exciting new neighbours that are now turning the sea shore boulevard lively and even more worth a visit.


Our home street on Katajanokka is called Kanavaranta and is directly at the shore facing the city. The red-brick houses by the shore build in the 18th century used to serve as warehouses for the harbour. When looking across the bay you can already see the newly built high rises of Kalasatama, where a new skyline of Helsinki is taking shape.


One by one, the old offices that populated the red-brick houses have moved away and restaurants and cafes occupied the shore line. It is a thrill to have all these new neighbours around!


One of the many newcomers is Goodio, a Helsinki-based chocolate manufacturer who opened a café and chocolate shop at Kanavaranta street.


Apart from their delicious chocolate, Goodio’s place offers a selection of ice cream flavours and smoothies. But even better, our new neighbour value transparency. The people running the company really believe in what they do and also have an urge to make a difference by their production and raw material selection. Every detail within the production process, including the packaging have been carefully thought through. This way they preserve the superior qualities from the cocoa beans in the chocolate bars and finally wrap the product so that no extra plastic waste is created during the process.


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