November 04, 2019

In the era of climate change, mass extinctions, pollution and numerous other kinds of environmental issues, it is increasingly important to think and act responsibly. The aforementioned problems cannot be solved without conscious co-operation between researchers, policy-makers, businesses, public sector, and private individuals. As we share the globe, we must also share the work to save the globe. 

 Saara Kankaanrinta, Baltic Sea Action Group



The commitment is an act with a positive impact on the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea Action Group works for restoring the good ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. This goal that can be reached only through extensive co-operation and one of the tools to work with, is the Baltic Sea Commitment that TAUKO is now part of.

Including three different aspects related to sustainable fashion, we want to show and set an example on how important it is that organizations integrate saving the sea into their operations.  

We are committed…

  1. to act analyze, report and develop the dyeing process of the reused textiles that are the bases of our collection production. The report on the results will be publicly available by the end of 2020. We will implement new methodology to improve our textile finishes by 2022.
  2. to improve and develop the textile recycling of used TAUKO pieces and the production left over textiles.
  3. to communicate the impact fashion industry has on the sea life, it’s habitat and the loss of biodiversity. This will be part of our communication and marketing strategy. We will inform people on what each individual can do to help the Baltic Sea in regards to fashion.


The Baltic Sea Action Group monitors the progress of all accepted Commitments. They keep in contact with Commitment makers and annually analyse and report the progress of all active Commitments.


Other than working with on the aspects listed on the commitment, we want to support the work of Baltic Sea Action Group by donations.

We have collected the pieces where all the profits are donated or where you can add a donation for the Baltic Sea Action Group under the tittle “Gifts for the Future”. Find the selection and take part on the climate action HERE.


Text by Mila Moisio

Photos by Laura Oja

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