February 03, 2018

Why would a fashion brand end up having a photoshoot at the premises of textiles service where big washing machines and huge tumblers are running day and night? What is the connection with TAUKO collections and textiles service companies? The answers to these questions sum up big part of what TAUKO is about as most of the collections raw materials come from local textile service companies.

The main raw material used for the TAUKO clothes is discarded textiles provided by textile service companies. These companies rent out textiles for hotels, restaurants and health care. Annually tons of bed linen and table clothes are discarded. In bigger European cities, like in Berlin, the amount of textiles waste for one textile service company is more than 150 kg per day.

The rental textiles are made to last long, withstand heavy use and maintenance, but at the same time they are very comfortable, soft and light. This means that they are perfect materials for clothing. We carefully select the highest quality fabrics for the production.

The first TAUKO collection made from Finnish recycled textiles was released in 2013. Two years later in 2015 we started working together with German companies. The first collection made from German discarded textiles was launched for Summer & Spring 2017. Nowadays we collaborate with textile service companies in Finland and in Germany.

Refining the used textiles for fashion production is one of the main interests of TAUKO. We’ll find for each material a method that best suits its weight, knit and texture.


Photos: Laura Oja, Till Bovermann and Amelie Hinrichsen

Shoes for the photoshoot: Finsk

Text: Mila Moisio


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