March 08, 2021

Have you inherited a coat, jewelry or maybe bedlinen from your family members? 

"Until the late 1950's the tradition of dowry was still practised in Finland. One essential part of the dowry was bedlinen, woven from self grown linen and decorated with hand made laces. These bedlinen are now, for a reason, treasured and passed down generations, they have become heirlooms.

The tradition of dowry is luckily not practised anymore in Finland. However the bedlinen stay with us, with all the memories and meanings they carry. These everyday items are valued in a very special way. We were inspired and felt strong connection to the heirloom bedlinen as we work with bedlinen for the TAUKO collections also!  

  Heirlooms are items that we are attached to through history, emotion and the special feeling they provide. They are the timeless comfort pieces which carry unique memories. Heirlooms are a concrete example of how time and use can add value to a garment. Inherited and passed down for generations through family members or friends. 

Our wish is to create empowering future heirlooms, loved pieces that will be passed down generations. For this we have created the Path-coats, alteration and mending practices and the Kinship-collection which will enable the new lifecycles of all TAUKO collection pieces.

The Path coats which are designed to last and to be loved for life cycles: they are heirlooms, investment pieces which will be passed down for generations.

Crafted from high quality, long lasting, reused bedlinen in an Estonian family owned sewing company, the coats are made to start a beautiful history. They are fully lined with detachable hood and detailed with Lifecycles signature topstitching.

And when the time comes, the coats are mended and repaired for you at the TAUKO studio store. To guarantee the heirloom to pass down generations, we will take back the coats to make them part of the Kinship collection.  

heirloom coats

Photos by Laura Oja

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