December 01, 2018


Finland is celebrating the 101st independence day on the 6th of December 2018. For us this is the date for remembering the values that are important in the free democracy we are living in: freedom of speech and expression, equality, and respect for the people and the environment. Especially in our contemporary society it has become more and more immanent to acknowledge and actively fight for the rights of those people and environments, which do not have the means to fight for their own rights.

One way of showing support is to dress accordingly: sustainable materials do not harm people or environment. A sustainable design is that which expresses independence. The upcoming festive season and its celebration of our Finnish democracy is the perfect scene for such acts of solidarity.

On the 6th of December, literally millions of Finns will gather around their screens to watch the the Finnish Independence day live broadcast from the presidential castle. We are proud that TAUKO dresses representing sustainable values will be worn by at least three visitors in the castle: representatives Li Andersson and Satu Hassi, and the head of the new Helsinki city library, Anna-Maria Soininvaara.


As not everyone has the occasion to wear a custom made evening gown, there are also the design workshops held by TAUKO, that everyone can take part in. The workshop follows the same principles as the making of a custom design gown. The last jacket and coat workshop will take place on the 15th of December.


Text: Mila Moisio

Photo credits: Laura Oja

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