December 21, 2020


“And how is it for you? How are you coping?” are the most frequent questions we hear, and ask. 

The spring was sudden and surprising, lot’s of new scenarios were set and replanning was done. The autumn has been long and breathtaking. But thank you, we are actually doing quite good, considering. 

We have received a lot of support from our customers, suppliers and also from the public funds. None of our team or people around us got sick or ill. Our community grew stronger and even more committed and the situation pushed us to find new ways to work for even more sustainable and  regenerative fashion culture.  

We are forever thankful for the sewing company who is crafting 95% of all TAUKO collections: the trust grew stronger during the pandemic. There has been amazing support, flexibility and openness.

And if possible, we are even more thankful for our customers. The individuals who showed their support immediately when the first lockdown started.  We came to realise how beautiful community we are part of. Some of the community members are presented as TAUKO portraits. Find out about Eeva, Minna and Salla

The pandemic threw us in the middle of profound questions of what can we do to help? How can design and the concept of reusing textiles create a future which is safer and more equal for all beings?

TAUKO salon at home was introduced in March and new product development including face masks and a bigger selection of accessories were published during the last  9 months. Giving more visibility to our modification and repair services and finally the launch of the Kinship collection for pre-loved TAUKO pieces, have been some of the few things we made happen, mainly due to the rethinking of our work during the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, we missed the fashion trade shows, lost most of our retailers as the small shop owners around Europe had to close the boutiques, closed our own newly opened store in Helsinki for a few months, worked more and asked more help and favours than ever. With all the goodness, it has been a hard year.

Yet we feel very lucky and privileged. We are able to continue our work. And now we know that there is still a lot more work to be done. More than we thought of. From January on, we will reveal some of the new ideas and concepts we have developed and introduce the TAUKO life cycles as all embracing story telling.

And you? How are you coping? As we are all trapped behind our screens, unable to spontaneously get together, it would be lovely to hear from you. Drop us a line, send us a message by instagram or pop in for a visit at our stores in Helsinki.  

Wishing you all a wonderful last days of 2020. Let’s make 2021 empowering and lighter for all of us!


Text: Mila Moisio

Photo: Dörte de Jesus

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