January 29, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be a fashion designer?

TAUKO design workshops are created for offering an exclusive insight in the process of designing a garment and learning about sustainable fashion production – from the ready made drawings, over choosing materials and colours, to adding final touches and details.

The workshop starts with learning about the recycled materials. This is at the core of TAUKO’s design philosophy: the design process is based on seeing and deepening our understanding of the resources that we have around us. Working with recycled materials challenges us to see how a table cloth or a bedlinen can be turned into a jacket, dress or a pair of trousers. We’ll share the experience we have gained over the past 10 years and hand it over for the workshop participants to use this knowledge for the new compositions.

The design process is based on ready made drawings of TAUKO collection items and it focuses on choosing of the materials, colors and details. These technical drawings are like a language without words between the designer and the dressmaker. By comparing material samples to find out which colours work best with the design, and which details will really make this piece unique, the technical drawings help to visualize how the actual design will be.

The design process can be compared to a composition of music – when all instruments are in sync and the notes are just right, something beautiful is created, and you just can't get that song out of your head.

Getting involved with the design process and learning what small scale industrial process requires, helps to understand the complexity and the magic of fashion. This is something we want to share within the workshop! We invite you to this process of carefully taken steps, lots of inspiration and endless learning with us!

And of course, most importantly, the whole design process ends with the most rewarding moment: having a one of the kind masterpieces, crafted by the expert seamstresses in our partner companies in Finland and Estonia in the designers hands ready to be worn and loved for years to come.


The next workshop will be held on Saturday 2.2.2019 at TAUKO studio. The dress design workshop focuses on TAUKO dress designs. Sign up, and you will see that yes – fashion design is hard work. But it is also so much fun!

The price of the workshop is 200-380€, including the dress. The reservation fee, 200€, will be paid when signing in to the course. The total cost of the individual dress is defined according to the dress design you choose and you can pay it when attending the workshop.

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